Apprentice - Werner Stolze Pianos
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Apprentice Program

We are proud to announce that we are in the makings of starting our very own school for tuners

alike, however, due to the diligent nature of our workmanship, this will take some time.


That being said we would like to introduce you to our latest student. We received 119 applications for my first apprentice.

Johan Christoffel Geyer Jnr.

Part of Johan Christoffel Geyer Jnr’s application letter:

“Ek het gehoor van die posisie en wil die geleentheid aangryp om ‘n klavier tegnikus te word, want dit is ‘n baie eksklusiewe werk en ook baie skaars.


Om daagliks nuwe uitdagings te hê, met mense te werk en die land te verken is iets wat my passie is. Die voorreg om op nuwe en antieke musiek instrumente te mag werk onder ‘n leermeester soos Werner Stolze.


Ek het ‘n paar jaar terug uitgevind dat daar ‘n Geyer Klavier Fabriek was in Duitsland so ek glo die ambag is in my bloed en toekoms.”




Why call us, Werner Stolze Pianos, and request our services?


  • Because WS Pianos is the biggest name in the piano industry in South-Africa.
  • The history of WS Pianos makes people want to begin a future with us so they can also be part of the journey.
  • Unlike many other companies, the master minds of WS Pianos, Mr Werner & Ms Naomi Stolze, also participate in every job task and see to most duties themselves.
  • People can always learn from company and gain experience as they are receiving good service.


Why I like pianos

  • The sound it makes is just amazing to listen to
  • It is an expensive instrument and very delicate so it needs to be treated well
  • I like to work with small pieces that are delicate.
  • The way it is designed just fascinates me in a whole other way.


If you don’t know much about pianos, you can always come down to W.S Pianos and we will show why they are the best!



Each and every one of us has a passion for something. Well mine is most definitely with pianos. I grew up loving the sound of the piano and it was in every music song I would listen to, the sweet melody of the piano got me to say, these are hits. It did not come as a surprise to me when I landed in the business of making pianos, I just told myself that, “Yes, this is me, the Piano Man.”


Why I love pianos so much?

Bartholomeo di Franscesco Cristofori (1655-1731), began a melody of chords still very alive and soul capturing till this date of time. From harpsichords to gravicembalo called piano e forte to forte piano then finally just piano as we no it today. That is correct, Mr Cristofori invented one of the most powerful instruments of all time, the extremely welcome in all sectors of music, the piano.


This Italian instrument is a very fascinating, stringed instrument struck by hammers. When it’s being played it uses a keyboard, pressed down by the musician, like the single most beautiful American musical prodigy, Alicia Keys. Her fingers strike the keyboard to cause the most remarkable composure of music, she brings the awesomeness of the piano out to its fullest


Pianos are all over the world and vastly used in schools for music practice to kick of music careers, and music is the most amazing company you can ever have around. People buy pianos to teach themselves and their children or just to keep it as a antique, for it is such a beautiful decoration. Just to stare and marvel at its wood finishing from the finest tress, mad shiny with a smooth touch of mukwa oil.


With technology, people have turned to using software for piano chords with the exact same sound of a real piano.

That’s cool, but let me give you three reasons why the piano tops the charts:

  • The keys, all 88 of them
  • The dynamics (volume)
  • The tone production
  • The single instrument can cover all notes, from the highest to lowest

    Nothing will ever top to be the same as the exquisite and most classic of all musical instruments, the piano.


    Usain Bolt has a passion for sports, he is a man of sheer speed. Always draws crowds of people to the Olympic games just to show them how he breaks records, his own records for that fact, and do his trademark pose that went trending all over the world. The way he is attached to field events is a big passion, just as big as mine is for pianos. I am in absolute agreement with my heart and soul, which is being held together by piano strings, landed me in the heaven of this beautiful instrument called Werner Stolze Pianos.


    When I work with pianos, delivering to our valued customers, I feel like I have done a great thing delivering to them the best of instruments to their doorstep, one which the art of music can ever give. A quality of investment I would tell them, for it is an antique display that brings relief and hope to the soul that there is something better and greater in life.



The piano industry is a most strange but sensitive one. Ever since I was a child a have been fascinated with the whole lifespan of a piano, from the first day it is made till the last day it was played. I learned about them all, from the Grand Pianos to the Uprights. There was so much to know about this wonderful instrument, I decided to join the best piano industry in South-Africa, W.S Pianos, so that I can expand my knowledge while I’m on the job.


Working with pianos is a difficult task, therefore one has to be in the right mindset and be surrounded with by people who are just as passionate as you are about the instrument. At W.S Pianos we are al dedicated to our jobs and everyday we give our 110% to make sure the job is done and all the customers are happy. Customer satisfaction and Service perfection is on top of our list.